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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Elluscient Technology Solutions, LLC

Welcome to Elluscient Technology Solutions, LLC Web Blog!

We are a full service technology and Internet marketing solutions company for all your Web needs. Build a web presence, leverage online sales, rank high in search engine results, market your site with Internet and email marketing strategies at a cost effective investment, by alleviating the need to engage many different providers of internet solutions.

We will talk about some of our services and best practices here in the future, but for now here is a list:

We also have world class Elluscient Technology Solutions Hosting services offering 99.9% uptime of all ours servers. We currently provide quality Windows and Linux plans at an affordable price.

Our plans give you plenty of space, as well as all advanced features such as MSSQL or MySQL Databases, ASP.NET/PHP and the H-SPHERE Control Panel. All of our Email contain tools to prevent SPAM and Virus infection. New Blog Plans, New Hosting Plans, 30 new Instant Install Scripts, forums, etc..,SSL Certificates, Web Site templates, International Domain Registration, (including .eu domains), Virtual Private Server Hosting Plans (VPS). Plus much much more... Learn more by clicking here (www.elluscientwebhosting.com)


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